At Upskillcycle, We Lead The Future Of Inclusive Digital Education

Upskillcycle provides an inclusive platform for training and mentoring in low-code/no-code, creativity and design tools to help PWDs, abled and mid-career individuals break into the tech industry.

We conduct online and face-to-face workshops, masterclasses and provide mentorship to improve the employability and social mobility of our students and beneficiaries.




About Us

Upskillcycle is a registered social enterprise with raiSE and our workshops are eligible for funding for PWDs under the The Temasek Trust-CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund by SGEnable.

Experienced Educators

We’re a diverse team of passionate individuals with professional experiences and backgrounds from the startup ecosystem space, education, technology, design and creative industries.

Career Consulting and Mentorship

We partner with experienced mentors in the relevant industries that you can consult with to help you break into tech and accelerate your career growth.

Job and Gig Placement

Apart from educating and mentoring, we work with partners to hire, train and place our students into jobs or gig projects.

Media Coverage

Tech & Development Courses

Master the essential fundamentals of website design with Webflow

Advanced Landing Page with Webflow

Learn to harness the power of A.I to design and build professional websites in minutes

Creativity & Design Courses

Learn the basics of digital art and design principles behind NFT art creation

NFT Creation 101

Master the basics of A.I art generation to create beautiful digital artwork in seconds

Learn the basics of 3D modelling with TinkerCAD

3D Modelling 101 with TinkerCAD

Learn to create stunning 3D graphics and designs for 3D websites, presentations and visualisations

Training & Mentoring Programmes

Master essential low-code/no-code tools and be transformed into a Tech Developer

Learn about DevOps engineering in our scenario-driven, role-playing mentoring platform

Clients & Partners

Connect With Us

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(65) 9632 5822

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